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What is the FDTC?

The Finance Department Training Company provides online training and advice on how to improve the efficiency, productivity and accuracy of the tasks Finance Teams have to perform repetitively. Our videos and training focus on software that in our experience Finance Departments often already have or can cheaply procure. These include Microsoft Excel and add ins for Excel including PowerQuery and Powerpivot as well as Microsoft Power BI.

What do we teach?

Microsoft Excel

Excel is full of functions, charts, tables, add ins and tricks to get tasks completed faster and more accurately.  Knowing how to make the best use of Excel is fundamental to a Finance Team. After all: sometimes you spend all day on it!

Power BI

In our opinion – the best reporting tool in the world. It’s free if you can live with a few restraints (and pretty cheap if you can’t!) If you’re using a mix of Excel and Powerpoint to provide reporting then Power BI will transform your worklife!

PowerQuery Power Query Get Data and Transform


Every task in Finance Departments need data which then needs cleaning and formatting before you can use it. How much time does this process cost your team each month? Automate your processes with PowerQuery.

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Filtering Multiple Pivot Tables using one button - screenshot

Filtering Multiple Pivot Tables with One Button

Sometimes we need to have multiple pivot tables in a single sheet or workbook that shows the same values but cut by different information. If we want to then filter those pivot tables by the same information then that’s longwinded as you have to put filters on all the pivot tables.
However you can also use Slicers which you can format to filter multiple pivot tables at once. How and what are slicers you say…?

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