Welcome to the Finance Department Training Company!

The purpose of the FDTC is to provide a website for Finance Teams to go to improve their efficiency, productivity and accuracy. In other words – training and tips to get you home earlier, having done a better job!

At the moment we focus particularly on:

– Microsoft Excel – after all; we’re yet to come across a Finance Team that doesn’t rely on it

– PowerQuery – perhaps the most underutilised part of Excel and Power BI? Preps data for analysis at a click of a button

– PowerPivot  – if PowerQuery is the most underutilised part of Excel then PowerPivot is a close second. Super powerful pivot tables with none of the drawbacks

– Microsoft Power BI – if you’re still reporting using a mixture of Excel and Powerpoint then you need to check out Power BI. Faster, more accurate, easier to use and easier to share. If you take nothing else from this website, please check out Power BI!!!

Author Profile (Founder) - Alex Wilson BA (Hons) PGCE ACA BFP

The FDTC was started by Alex Wilson in 2017. Alex is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and has 10 years of practice in accounting including two three year stints at ‘Big 4’ firms. Currently practicing as a Finance Manager in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, he has been using Excel day in day out for over a decade and has trained hundreds of people in Power BI.